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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1)    Do free members earn commissions? Yes they earn 10% Commissions!

2)    Do This ONCE A Week For Best Results – Will Solve 95% Of Any Issues You May Run Into!

Before you submit a support ticket because you feel there is a glitch, or issue where you’re not receiving credit for ads clicked, or a myriad of issues, please clear your browser’s History, Cache, and Cookies. Then restart your browser and see if that clears up your issue.

You should do this at least once a week, as your browser will start to cause a myriad of issues as it gets bogged down. Doing this at least once a week will not only keep your computer healthier, it will reduce issues you’ll run into from your browser being bogged down.

After doing so, if you’re still running into the same issue…

Try logging in with a different browser to see if you get the same issue. Some things work better with FireFox, some things with Chrome, and some things with Edge.

If you’ve tried with FireFox, Chrome, and Edge, still running into the same issue…

Try restarting your browser with “add-ons/plugins disabled.” If you have any type of ad-blocker installed, this could also be the cause of your issue. Restarting with “add-ons/plugins disabled” will let you know if this is the issue.

If you’re STILL having an issue, please submit a Support Ticket with as much detail as possible. The site name, your username, what you’re clicking on and the link showing in your address bar where you are receiving the issue. The more detailed information you can supply, the faster, and easier it will be for my programmer to narrow down and fix the issue.

From time to time, we will move a site to another server to improve server loads. However, that new server could require different settings, which will cause a glitch until it is corrected for that server’s configuration.

We want you to have a great experience using my sites. If you’ve done the things listed above, and you’re still having an issue, PLEASE submit a Support Ticket with as much detail as possible to help us get that issue fixed a.s.a.p.

3) When I Click on my Referral Link, or I give my Referral Link to a friend, it’s not showing me as the Referrer!

My sites use Cookies! If you just signed up and you click your own referral link to see if it works, it’s going to show the person that referred you as the referrer. Simple clear your browser’s history, cache, and cookies.

If you want to send your friend your referral link, it is possible that they have already clicked on an ad for this site. So make sure that you tell them to clear their browser’s history, cache, and cookies BEFORE they click on your referral link to insure that you are shown as their referrer.

If this is not done, they will automatically sign up under the person whose ad they clicked on previously, and this will not be changed.

4) My Ads are being rejected, stating the site has been banned.

While we do have a “banned/black list,” 95% of the time, your ad will be rejected for using https:// at the beginning of your URLs. Using https:// URL’s will prevent the Frame-Break Checker from completing, and reject your ad.

Please use ONLY https:// in your URLs! Don’t worry, when someone clicks on your link, it will automatically revert back to https://

If you have tried that, and it still says your URL has been banned, please submit a Support Ticket with the information you are trying to submit so we can test on our end. We will be adding a list of banned domains for you to view in the near future.

5) Requesting My Commissions

All of my sites have a MINIMUM Cashout value of $20.00. You will NOT be able to request a Cashout UNTIL your commission amount is at least $20.00. Plus, most of my sites now have it where you can actually purchase ads with your Commissions for those that like that option.

Once you have a MINIMUM of $20.00 in commission, simply go to Member Toos>>>Referral Tools, and click the link to Cashout (link will not show until it is a minimum of $20.00).

After you have submitted your Cashout Request, you will need to submit a Support Ticket to let me know a Cashout Request has been submitted. The reason for this, as dumb-dumbs think it’s a great idea to spam admin emails. So all Admin Emails go into a black-hole, and are never seen. So you want to submit a Support Ticket to let me know you’ve requested commissions, and I’ll get that taken care of a.s.a.p.

We do NOT use Paypal! You may receive commissions with GooglePay, Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, Skrill, ORU, BTC (whatever the current BTC is at that time, the BTC Fee will be deducted from your total commissions when choosing this option), FaceBookPay, and if you have a Stripe Account in good standing, you can request payment with Stripe.

Please allow up to 7 days to receive payment. Almost 95% of cashout requests are paid within 24-hours, but we do request up to 7 days, as some payment processors to have a 7-Day Hold.

6) I received an Admin Email notifying me that I have a new referral, but when I go to the Referral Tools Page, I don't see them listed.

They must click the Verification Link to complete the registration process. Until they do that, you will not see them in your Referral Tools area. Failure to click the Verification Link within 24-hour will result in their account automatically being deleted from the system.

7) I submitted a Banner Ad, Text Ad, Button Ad or Surf Site a few days ago and I have less than 10 clicks, why is that?

The is a Credit and Solo Ad Mailer/Safelist! While several ad options are available, your fastest results will always come from Credit Mails, Solo Ads, HP Solos, Super Solo Ads, and Sponsored Login Ads. Banner Ads, Button Ads, Text Ads, etc., should be considered as, "Long-Term" Advertising. If 1,000 members all have 10 Banner Ads with 100 Views each in rotation each, that's 1,000,000 banners in rotation. It just might take a bit before your banner pulls up, but it will pull up once in the rotation.

8) Where do I add my Payment Information so I get paid?

Log into the Member's Area, hover your mouse over Member Tools >> My Profile. Click My Profile and scroll down to the payment section, add your preferences there and submit.

9) I was surfing, and all of a sudden I was just kicked back to the member's area, and every time after that, when I clicked on the surf button to go back to surfing, it just kept kicking me back to the member's area.

If you have clicked on every single surf page in the database, it will kick you back because there are no more sites left to surf at the moment.

10) Why can't I delete my banner ad?

Instead of deleting your banner ad (and potentially losing any unused credits assigned to it), simply click on the "Edit" button next to the banner and enter information for a different banner of something else you want to promote.

11) How come the number of Member's is different from the number of Members I can send a Credit Mail to? I think there's a glitch in the count!

When you submit a Credit Mail, you are submitting to "Active" Members. Members that still have NOT clicked on the Email Verification Link are not yet "Active" Members. The number you see on the home page is "Total Members," not "Active" Members.

12) Support Tickets are usually replied to within 24 to 72 hours.

If you have submitted a Support Ticket, and have not received a response within 72 hours, please submit a reply to your ticket, as sometimes the email notification can get lost from Gmail throttling the amount of emails that can be sent/received per minute, hour, and day.

Always remember to provide as much details information as possible to help us assist you as quickly as possible. I shouldn’t have to say this, but please try to be somewhat “professional,” as nasty support ticket will result in your accounts being terminate. It does not hurt you to be polite.

13) Anti-Cheat Proxy IP Blocker

As we update sites with the latest version of my script, we have installed an Anti-Cheat Proxy IP Blocker. So please make sure you are signing up, or logging in with a REAL IP Address, and not a VPN, Proxy IP, or with your browser set to Private/Incognito. This will result in your sign-up or login being blocked.

14) We reserve the right to change Member Levels and Benefits assigned to each Member Level without notice.

The larger a list grows, the number of members you can mail, or even the frequency you can mail members may change to improve server loads and mail out abilities.

15) We now make purchasing available with Peer-2-Peer payment options.

After you complete your Peer-2-Peer payment, please submit a Support Ticket with the site you made the purchase, your username, date of purchase, method of payment,  date and amount of payment. Peer-2-Peer purchase must be added manually, so you need to submit a support ticket with as much detail as possible.

16) Make Sure You Log Into Your Account At Least 1 Time Per Month!

To make sure your account remains active, and to receive any monthly ads for your member level, please make sure you are logging into your account at least once per month. If you miss a month, your monthly ads will NOT be added.

If your email address is bouncing, your account will be set on Vacation Mode. If your account gets too many bounces, the system will automatically delete your account, EVEN if you’re an Upgraded Member! Plus, from time to time, we will delete Inactive Accounts over 90-days without activity.

If you haven’t logged into your account in over 1-year, chances are it has been terminated, and will NOT be reinstated due to YOUR neglect.

17) Member Account Not Available – Ad NOT Displayed

Another Anti-Cheat feature. Some marketers think, “I’ll sign up for this site, use the free promo codes, submit my ads, and then delete my account to avoid receiving emails from that site.” SORRY! The moment you delete your account, or if the Admin deletes your account, ANY ads that you have in the system will now show, instead, showing members a message that your account does not exist.

18) Why can’t I have URLs in the body of my ad?

Free Members are NOT allowed to include Image URLs, Website URLs, or Email Addresses in the body of their ads. ONLY Upgraded members are allowed to do so.

19) Ad-Trackers

We do NOT allow “FREE” Trackers/Cloakers such as Bit.ly, TinyURL, TinyCC, Goog.le, Adf.ly, etc! These are notoriously used by Malware, Virus, Phishing, and Adult sites. We ONLY allow “Paid Tracker Services!” Those that are willing to pay for a tracker are much less likely to use their tracker service to promote potentially dangerous sites.

Also, we do NOT guarantee “Unique Visitors.” As I own just over 300 traffic sites, it is not unusual for members to belong to more than 1 site. So, if your “Paid Tracker Service,” likes to send you notifications like, “Potential Clicking Fraud,” and this member’s IP has clicked your ad 88 times…if you used that same tracker link on 88 sites, and a member belongs to all 88 sites, then yes, it is possible for them to click your ad 88+ times.

20) I just signed up, but I can’t login!

Have you clicked on the verification link? If you don’t see it in your inbox, please be sure to check for a verification email in your spam folder, as well. If you have NOT clicked the verification link, you’re not going to be able to log in, and after 24-hours, your account will automatically be deleted.

21) THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR DIGITAL SERVICES! Disputes result in Mass Banning/Account Deletions!

When you make a purchase for internet advertising, you cannot use your purchase, and then expect to get a refund because you didn’t get the results you hoped you would receive. THERE ARE ZERO REFUNDS!

Should you attempt to submit a Dispute, not only will your account for that site be terminated, but any account(s) you may have on my 300+ sites will be terminated, and banned. Your account(s) will also be banned and terminated from other Traffic Sites that host on my servers. Plus, your details will be made PUBLIC to all Traffic Site owners as a Fraudulent Customer to help them block you, as well.

If you have made a purchase, but did not receive your purchase, or are having issues, please submit a Support Ticket with as much detail as possible so we can assist you in making sure you received what you purchased.

22) I’m not receiving emails.

Make sure that you have checked your Spam Folder, and make sure that you have, “White-Listed” emails from this site. If you’re not sure how to do that, you can do a YouTube Search on “How To White-List An Email Address.”

Make sure to check your Member Tools>>>My Profile to make sure your email address is entered correctly. We ONLY accept Gmail accounts, as Yahoo, HotMail, AOL, etc. have super strict spam filters.

Make sure your account has not been set to Bounce Mode, or Vacation Mode! If so, you will need to update your email address, and be subject to clicking on another Verification Email Link after updating your email address.

After checking those things, and everything looks correct, submit a Support Ticket so we can take a deeper look at what might be causing the issue.


Site Statement and Disclosure: This Site is NOT an MLM, Pyramid Scheme, or Get-Rich-Quick program.
We do not require you to pay any fees ever to join and participate in our site. We do not require you to
have a website or sell any product to use our service. We do not require you to refer anyone to our site
to use our service. You will not get rich by using our program. We are an internet advertising program.